An oven is an important kitchen tool that has been used for centuries to cook a variety of delicious dishes. In various countries, popular traditions have been developed where some dishes are prepared only from the heat of the oven. In this article, we will look at some countries where cooking is traditionally done in the oven.

Italy is famous for its traditional oven-baked pizza. Traditional Italian pizza is made from thin dough that is spread with delicious toppings such as tomatoes, cheese, olives and herbs. The pizza is then placed in a hot oven to bake the dough and combine the ingredients into a delicious taste and color.

Greece is known for many traditional recipes from the oven. One of the favorite dishes is moussaka, a dish neatly arranged with grated potatoes, minced meat and beetroot sauce. It is baked in the oven until golden brown and the flavor is completely crystallized.

Moroccan cuisine also uses an oven to cook its traditional dishes. Tagine is popular there – a dish baked in a ceramic pot, which combines meat or vegetables, spices, olive oil and various other ingredients. It is baked in the oven slowly and gently so that all the flavors and aromas are combined into one rich and juicy dish.

Great Britain:
British cuisine also has some dishes that are cooked in the oven. For example, there is a popular tradition of making a British sandwich – a simple but tasty dish consisting of breadcrumbs, butter, milk and various additions such as raisins or seeds. It is baked in the oven until it has a golden color and a soft, melting texture.

The oven gives you the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes from different countries. It gives you the opportunity to cook with the magic of heat and get unique flavors and aromas. Explore these countries and try some traditional food recipes to experience the magic and joy of baking in the oven!

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